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Crazy Ambulance
 Crazy Ambulance (145981 plays)

Drive as fast as you can! Press the left and right arrow keys to steer.
Stunt Driver
 Stunt Driver (145536 plays)

Compete over 8 crazy car race to become the best stunt driver of this.
Burnin Rubber 2
 Burnin Rubber 2 (140788 plays)

A excellent 3D car racing game.
Lose The Heat 3
 Lose The Heat 3 (138059 plays)

They police call you a criminal, but you prefer to think of yourself as the highway hero.
Rollercoaster Rush
 Rollercoaster Rush (135320 plays)

Operating roller coasters is not easy. Go fast, but do not hurt anyone! Cruise your way through 15 levels of spine-tingling excitement! Right arrow: go.
Christmas CarGame
 Christmas CarGame (134417 plays)

Santa has lost gift packages, take your car to get them.
Neon Rider
 Neon Rider (133322 plays)

Special car driving game, drive your car in different cool color tracks, drive by click the key W A S and D.
Thrill Rush 2
 Thrill Rush 2 (132822 plays)

One fun runaway rollercoaster car ride game.
4 Wheel Madness
 4 Wheel Madness (129754 plays)

Test your driving skills on a monster truck.
Military Monster Truck
 Military Monster Truck (129483 plays)

Drive military monster truck as fast as posibble over enemy territory and reach the command tent. Contrl: Use Arrow Key to run.
Create a Ride 2
 Create a Ride 2 (126531 plays)

Select a car and pimp modify it as you like using the arrows on the.
Jump Racer
 Jump Racer (122521 plays)

Truck game, Jump over trucks and land without crashing. Using your mouse, click on the right bottom acceleration pedal to accelerate.
Hot Wheels
 Hot Wheels (122326 plays)

Easy to create cool racing tracks in this hot wheels track attack game.
Mafia Driver
 Mafia Driver (121109 plays)

Infilitrate the mob by becoming their trusted driver! Drive to different destinations around town as you are given directions from the mafia boss.
Year 2012
 Year 2012 (117595 plays)

Find if you can drive car to the place over obstacles in 2 minutes. Play to drive car 2012.
Batman Truck 2
 Batman Truck 2 (117051 plays)

Batman is out for an adventure on the streets of Gotham.
Crazy Mustang
 Crazy Mustang (117016 plays)

Drive your High wheels mustang and trample over cars and big.
Rollercoaster Creator
 Rollercoaster Creator (113045 plays)

Online rollercoaster game, Draw your own cool track, then drive your rollercoaster to the finish place.
Rich Racer
 Rich Racer (112688 plays)

Cool car racing game with great graphics. Drive fast to next level.
War Machine
 War Machine (112509 plays)

Drive your war machine over the most enemies, boxes, barrels, and exploding vehicles.
Sim Taxi
 Sim Taxi (110798 plays)

Driving around the city streets looking for passengers. Make money, avoid hitting cars.
Slipstream Slider
 Slipstream Slider (108771 plays)

very cool 3D slider game.
Top Truck
 Top Truck (108437 plays)

Balance your big foot truck as you try not to crash or tip over.
Highway Crash
 Highway Crash (106473 plays)

Drive your cool car on a highway track and try to crash and destroy all the target.
Monster Trucks 360
 Monster Trucks 360 (105605 plays)

drive your monster truck on the hard and challenging road to perform stunts and feel the.
Euro Hummer Football 2008
 Euro Hummer Football (102730 plays)

Challenge other Hummer drivers for a match of football. You can watch the last goal from 4 different cameras by pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 respectively.
Rally Point 2
 Rally Point 2 (101808 plays)

Race your car fast to beat the time and other racers. Use Nitro for boost.
Off Road 4
 Off Road 4 (101808 plays)

cool car game that made by Miniclip. Drive your 4*4 truck through the jungle, cool graphics and game.
Epic Coaster
 Epic Coaster (96781 plays)

Fun coaster car game, control the coaster ride on the risking track.
Polly Party Pickup
 Polly Party Pickup (95899 plays)

Help Polly pick up her friends for her birthday party at the mall. Watch the arrow in the bottom right hand corner so you know where to go.
Flash Tuning
 Flash Tuning (94751 plays)

A new Pimp My Car game where you can choose among several cars and customize them to your like with several accessories such as vinyls, spoilers, tires, bumpers, glass paints.
Sift Heads 4
 Sift Heads 4 (93574 plays)

In this 4th game of Sift Heads, you get to Sift some Heads all around the world on Vinnie's vacations! Chicago's streets are all cleaned up because of you.
Desert Rally
 Desert Rally (93341 plays)

How long can you keep going until smash up your car? Step up the gas and use your brakes when bumpy terrain is coming up.
Mad Trucker
 Mad Trucker (91573 plays)

Drive your truck on the highway carefully not not crash with other cars.
Road Hunter GT
 Road Hunter GT (89712 plays)

One car driving and escape game, Take the taxi to rob the bank then escpae from the mafia and police.
Hell Cops
 Hell Cops (89689 plays)

Arcade driving game. If you like driving games but also destruction games this is your game. Drive the Hell Cops car and destroy everything.
Metal Mayhem 2
 Metal Mayhem 2 (88590 plays)

cool car game, a 3D racing game with shooting, tuning, upgrading your car and weapon and action games elements.
School Bus Driver
 School Bus Driver (87827 plays)

Are you a good bus drivier, try to beat this driving game.
Fix My Car
 Fix My Car (86859 plays)

Try to fix and rearrange all the parts of your car in the right posisiton before timeout. You need know what the exact postition of every parts.
Rocky Rider
 Rocky Rider (86599 plays)

Jeep rocky game, race your jeep on rocky and crazy roads.
Pimp Fashion Ride
 Pimp Fashion Ride (86209 plays)

Pimp game.
Top Truck 2
 Top Truck 2 (86185 plays)

Choose the monster truck that you want to overcome obstacles in each race; keep your balance and crush everything in your.
Turbo Tanks
 Turbo Tanks (86047 plays)

Drive your tank on different tracks. An adventure tank racing game to play.
Acceleracers Track Mod
 Acceleracers Track Mod (86047 plays)

Rotate track blocks connecting them from left to right to move your cars team across the realm. Some blocks have powerups and others have traps.
Cab Driver
 Cab Driver (84679 plays)

3D taxi game.
Deadly Race
 Deadly Race (84484 plays)

Race through the streets dodging bullets and ramming other cars off the road.
Rally Point
 Rally Point (83602 plays)

one cool car racing games, try to show your driving skills to win all the race on the valleys, mountain.
Pimp my Warthog
 Pimp my Warthog (81662 plays)

Customize you very own wart hog from the game Halo, add exaust, neon, cannon.
Speed Breed
 Speed Breed (79336 plays)

Buy car, race to win races, then buy more cars.
Cola Truck
 Cola Truck (78916 plays)

Drive your truck and deliver your products safely avoiding obstacles in the.

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