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 MarioRacingTournament (54158)

Mario Racing Tournament: Select your character.
Spongebob Snowmobile
 Spongebob Snowmobile (53313)

Play as spongebob to race the snowmobile to hit the hills and collect more food for more points.
Gas Sand
 Gas Sand (53134)

Very cool 3D car racing game.
World Drifting Championship
 World Drifting (50822)

Race and Upgrade your cars for better and better world drifting championship.
Zip Zaps
 Zip Zaps (50633)

Drive this amazing street race game.
Ferrari XV
 Ferrari XV (50381)

Race your Ferrari in Ferrari XV! You are up against several fast sports cars, so drive carefully and watch those walls. Be careful around the cyclone mountain.
3D Rally Racing
 3D Rally Racing (48277)

3D Rally Racing in desert, snow, night, rain.
Y3K Race
 Y3K Race (45815)

a wonderful racing game with an amazing feel of race in space.
Race Master
 Race Master (43248)

In this 3D car racing game Race Master you have to take a part in a car duel and try to beat your opponent.
Epic Derby Race
 Epic Derby Race (40667)

Put your seat belt on and get ready for this epic derby race where you'll have to crash into your opponents if you want to win the race.
Grid Racer
 Grid Racer (40207)

Speed up to catch up with the finest grid racers and be the first one crossing the finish line. The race is on and stakes are high, so can you be the ultimate gird racer.
Police Test Driver
 Police Test Driver (39856)

Try to be a police car driver to race fast to test a new police.
Raceway 500
 Raceway 500 (39735)

Get the quickest time to start in pole position, then try to win the race.
Speed Truck
 Speed Truck (38914)

Try to win this cool fast speeding truck racing game.
Big Racer
 Big Racer (38697)

Cool 3D big truck racing game.
Zombie Karts
 Zombie Karts (37884)

Drive as one zombie to win the karts racing game. Can you?
Planet Racer
 Planet Racer (37143)

Race against other competitors for money. Upgrade your vehicle in the shop.
Extreme Racing
 Extreme Racing (36802)

Drive the racecar but watch out for other competitors.
Hawaiian Runner
 Hawaiian Runner (36228)

Race along the beach upgrading your buggy to power it up!
Moon Rush
 Moon Rush (36078)

Race your car in the moon to win.
5 Miles To Go
 5 Miles To Go (33015)

5 cars left in the game with 5 miles left to go all with the same specs.
Splash Dash
 Splash Dash (32063)

A realistic racing game that involves you needing to take pit stops.
Auto Blitz
 Auto Blitz (30865)

Choose your rally car and race down the dirt track against several tough competitors! Collect cash and watch out for speed boosts.
2 Fast 2 Go
 2 Fast 2 Go (30507)

Get in your whip and hit the streets.
Nascar Racing
 Nascar Racing (30485)

Drive your car right into the position to win the nascar.
3d Buggy Racing
 3d Buggy Racing (30400)

Race your buggy car to win over other racer in this 3D car racing.
3D Furious Driver
 3D Furious Driver (29894)

Drop everything and check out this cool 3D car games with lots of achivements. It's called 3D Furious Driver and it has 4 awesome levels.
Nacho Libre
 Nacho Libre (29009)

Race around 7 tracks as Nacho Libre.
Blade Racing
 Blade Racing (28743)

A fun free online flash car racing game for you.
Mario Cart 3D
 Mario Cart 3D (26127)

Help Mario race and beat his friends in shopping carts.
Aliens Busted
 Aliens Busted (25317)

In 2099, race your car to destory the aliens cars in the highway. At this car racing game, you can feel the fast speed.
Grid Babes
 Grid Babes (25041)

The best racer will get the hottest babe. And your goal in the funny game is to be the best driver on the planet.
Atomic Racer
 Atomic Racer (24354)

An ultra fast scrolling race game where you have to stop a secret nuclear trasport by blowing up the trucks. Dodge the other cars and stay away from the police.
Jerry Crazy Race
 Jerry Crazy Race (24046)

The lovely Jerry is driving it proudly showing off. Forward and backward, learn various skills, playing awfully.
On The Run The Getaway
 On The Run The Getaway (23982)

Another new game of On The Run.
Nascar Racing
 Nascar Racing (23538)

Sit in your Nascar and driver like a real driving.
4x4 Monster
 4x4 Monster (23524)

Drive your 4x4 monster truck and try to complete all the level as fast as you can. Try to race over mountains, cars.
Formula G1
 Formula G1 (23383)

Beat the qualifying race time to unlock the next level of the.
Nitro Trabi
 Nitro Trabi (22678)

Race your Trabi around the House of People in Bucharest as fast as you can. Careful! Use the Arrow Keys to steer and accelerate.
Mobil 1 Track Challenge
 Mobil 1 Track Challenge (22526)

Start your engines and take on F1ís Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton and NASCARís Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman in the all-new Mobil 1 Track Challenge.
Micro Racer 2
 Micro Racer 2 (22065)

Choose you best car and strart racing on this micro racer.
Rural Racer
 Rural Racer (21843)

Rural Racer adopts the classic top-down racer perspective in an eight-lap battle to stay ahead of your opponent for all eight gruelling.
 Vroom (21176)

Fast car racing game, How good are you at handling high speed racing car with a lot of obstacles.
Adrenaline Speed Drive
 Adrenaline Speed Drive (20592)

Drive car as fast as you can before the time up,but watch your speed!hold right arrow key to drive,press left arrow key to brake.
 KTireRacing (20531)

Drive your tire car around the track as fast as you can.
CCL Track Challenge
 CCL Track Challenge (20529)

Grab the wheel and bring your mad driving skillz to the game
6th Racer
 6th Racer (19741)

Choose your favorite car and get ready for a fast car race. Beat your opponents, earn money and tune up the car engine.
A Small Car 2
 A Small Car 2 (19647)

Really cool 3D car racing game. Drive through 12 levels as fast as you can. Earn stars to unlock other cars and a bonus level.
Supercar Drift
 Supercar Drift (19547)

Get ready for a tough challenge called Supercar Drift. You have to race against very skilled opponents.
Cool Racing
 Cool Racing (19496)

Are you the fastest car racer of them all.

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