Crash Games

Traffic Slam
 Traffic Slam (1820003 plays)

Beat your damage record with the ultimate traffic slam.
On the Run
 On the Run (1183968 plays)

Cool car game.
On The Run 2
 On The Run 2 (430457 plays)

The cool and popular car racing game On The Run now have second version.
Dynamite Blast
 Dynamite Blast (288332 plays)

Bike crash game.
Midnight Race
 Midnight Race (237781 plays)

Drive your car down the street as you avoid cars in your lanes and oncoming lanes.
Traffic Slam 3
 Traffic Slam 3 (235186 plays)

One cool and crazy crash car game.
Ambulance Rush
 Ambulance Rush (229954 plays)

Drive your ambulance car over the terrian to the hospital as fast as possible.
Monster Wheelie
 Monster Wheelie (190808 plays)

Select your favorite monster truck and start race through the obstacle course without.
Jump Racer
 Jump Racer (124597 plays)

Truck game.
Rich Racer
 Rich Racer (115094 plays)

Cool car racing game with great graphics.
Carbon Auto Theft
 Carbon Auto Theft (110235 plays)

Break the cars lock.
Top Truck
 Top Truck (110136 plays)

Balance your big foot truck as you try not to crash or tip over.
Highway Crash
 Highway Crash (109624 plays)

Drive your cool car on a highway track and try to crash and destroy all the target.
Highway Takedown
 Highway Takedown (102168 plays)

In this highway racing game.
Mad Trucker
 Mad Trucker (93679 plays)

Drive your truck on the highway carefully not not crash with other cars.
Hell Cops
 Hell Cops (92447 plays)

Arcade driving game.
ATV Extreme
 ATV Extreme (89662 plays)

Drive your ATV as you balance.
Speed Biker
 Speed Biker (81263 plays)

Ride the bike and pass 25 Gates with speed.
Vista Jump
 Vista Jump (69830 plays)

Drive the Vista Cruiser car to land without hitting the wall or other cars.
Bad Boys Beware
 Bad Boys Beware (68796 plays)

Drive your car as a police cop to chase and crash down any suspect cars that drived by bad.
Police Driving Obstacle Course
 Police Driving Obstacle (61178 plays)

There is one car crash on the highway.
Driver PRO
 Driver PRO (59753 plays)

The aim of each level is to get the vehicle into the shed.
Amazing Racer
 Amazing Racer (56670 plays)

This is cool and challenging game where you drive your four wheel jeep through various landscapes.
Turbo Truck
 Turbo Truck (55981 plays)

Truck game:.
Moon Rider
 Moon Rider (55089 plays)

Flash race game on your motorcycle without crashing on corners.
Box10 ATV
 Box10 ATV (52757 plays)

Ride your ATV through the desert as fast as you can.
Skilled Driver
 Skilled Driver (51173 plays)

Drive your car to collect all the cones in the limited time.
BikeMania 2
 BikeMania 2 (46986 plays)

Ride your motorbike on various different obstacles and surmount them in as little time as possible� Jump cars.
Urban Crusher
 Urban Crusher (46168 plays)

Drive your giant truck to destory anything on your way.
Red Cross Rush
 Red Cross Rush (46072 plays)

Drive your red cross ambulance to reach the finish place as fast as you can.
Risky Drive
 Risky Drive (46032 plays)

Drive your car in the risky road carefully without getting crash by other trucks and.
Stunt Bike Game Draw 2
 Stunt Bike Game Draw 2 (45814 plays)

It is a fun stunt bike game where you have to draw ramps to make the little biker jump over obstacles and land without crashing his motorbike! Draw the ramps using the pencil.
Jump Gear
 Jump Gear (41911 plays)

Jump Gear is a game inspired by the classic BMX series and it also borrows some aspects of the famous Nanaca crash game.
Epic Derby Race
 Epic Derby Race (41895 plays)

Put your seat belt on and get ready for this epic derby race where you'll have to crash into your opponents if you want to win the race.
Zombie Racers Score Attack
 Zombie Racers Score (40947 plays)

You must squash.
Extreme Racing
 Extreme Racing (38728 plays)

Drive the racecar but watch out for other competitors.
Super Racer
 Super Racer (37797 plays)

Enjoy this super car racing games to get more points.
Bike Freak
 Bike Freak (36892 plays)

Dirt bike game.
4 Wheel Madness 3
 4 Wheel Madness 3 (33846 plays)

Drive your monster vehicle to perform many stunts and crash other cars when over the.
Trafficator Control
 Trafficator Control (33029 plays)

Try not let the cars crash.
London Cabbie
 London Cabbie (32997 plays)

Parking at these dodgy streets are a challenge.
Crash N Smash Derby
 Crash N Smash Derby (31297 plays)

Anything goes when you are in your ring.
Wasteland Jumper
 Wasteland Jumper (27129 plays)

Drive your monster truck through a desert.
Tipsy Drive
 Tipsy Drive (26944 plays)

Survive the traffic.
Ben10 Biker
 Ben10 Biker (26520 plays)

Ben 10 is back in action.
Junky Jeep
 Junky Jeep (25503 plays)

Fun Jeep driving game.
4x4 Monster 2
 4x4 Monster 2 (22305 plays)

Drive a big monster truck over mountains.
Super Sonic Motorbike
 Super Sonic Motorbike (21609 plays)

Ride the bike as the cool Sonic.
Parker 2
 Parker 2 (21120 plays)

Try to park the car in the parking lot as fast as you can.
Highway Madness
 Highway Madness (21078 plays)

Drive your car to delivery goods along the highway road with heavy traffic.
Crash Drive 2
 Crash Drive 2 (20829 plays)

One cool car game.
 DirtBikeManiac (20242 plays)

Drive your stunt bike and watch out for demon riders that will crash into.
Angry Harvester
 Angry Harvester (19500 plays)

Drive your car on the streets of the city.
Crash Drive 3D
 Crash Drive 3D (18769 plays)

Cool 3D car games.
Buggy Craze
 Buggy Craze (17954 plays)

Choose your crazy buggy and start race through all challenging obstacle and try to complete all of the levels without.
Crash Course Football
 Crash Course Football (16489 plays)

Football gets automotive in our bumper crunching game.
Crash Watersk
 Crash Watersk (15950 plays)

Crash bandicoot is racing his jet ski and hitting the beach.
Dirty Biker
 Dirty Biker (14840 plays)

Ride your bike through all the obstacles and do not crash your.
Park This Car
 Park This Car (14604 plays)

Crash some cars and park others.
Crazy Stunts
 Crazy Stunts (13957 plays)

Perform crazy bike and avoid crashing.
Rip Rage
 Rip Rage (13795 plays)

Race your monster truck on the roads full of obstalces through the city.
TigerWoods Car Crash
 TigerWoods Car Crash (13305 plays)

Another Tiger Woods and his wife fighting game.
Demolish Truck 2
 Demolish Truck 2 (12667 plays)

Drive truck game.
 CrazyOrcsRacing (12519 plays)

Balance your Orc racer as you run over knights.
Mario Bike Remix
 Mario Bike Remix (12424 plays)

Ride your motorbike as Mario on hard tracks as fast as you can.
Crash Test Dummy Olympics
 Crash Test Dummy (12090 plays)

Crash your car into your wall and launch your dummy as far as you can.
Rancho Ice Racer
 Rancho Ice Racer (11493 plays)

Ride the motorbike on the tracks filled with ice without.
 Destruckto (10864 plays)

Control a giant truck by your mouse.
Race In Monaco
 Race In Monaco (10823 plays)

After many months crossing Europe.
Crash Test Launcher
 Crash Test Launcher (10794 plays)

Launch your crash test dummy via different stages.
Mine Car Mayhem
 Mine Car Mayhem (10521 plays)

The object of your game is to acquire as far as you can into your mine without.
Master Blaster
 Master Blaster (10287 plays)

Drive the hottest monster trucks on the cool track and crash any cars and houses on your.
Car Parking
 Car Parking (9507 plays)

Parking your car carefully, be carefull of not crashing.
Smash Palace
 Smash Palace (9246 plays)

Select and make power of your car.
White Off Road
 White Off Road (9211 plays)

Drive your white car and crash all the cars along your way.
Counter Drift
 Counter Drift (8406 plays)

Enjoy driving your car with various cars on various tracks.
Park My Truck
 Park My Truck (8247 plays)

Crash other cars to slam your way to the parking lot.
Epic Rail
 Epic Rail (8185 plays)

Control of the train network system and ensure that all trains reach their destination without.
Crash Controller
 Crash Controller (7777 plays)

New Sort of amusing car game.
Potty Racers
 Potty Racers (7722 plays)

Porta Potty Hill Wheels = Insanity! Its your stinkiest race in town.
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